• Design & prototyping
    Design & prototyping Plastic enclosures
  • Automation
    Automation Industrial automation experts
  • Product design UK
    Product design UK Concept - prototype - manufacture
  • Mechanical design & build
    Mechanical design & build Special purpose machines

JackNbox is a product design and prototype part manufacturing company, putting the practical know-how into your inventions.

Whether you have just dreamed up a new idea or you just want to make an existing product or machine work better, we have the skills and experience to turn that into reality. At our UK Studio Based on the South Coast in West Sussex we Design, re-engineer, prototype and manufacture parts and products both large and small. From custom enclosures for electronic products, special purpose machines to bicycle helmets and in-flight control units, we are versatile and creative which is the key to great products and brilliant custom built machines.

Our services include

Whatever your dream or headache is, we have the know-how, ideas and skills that will make it work brilliantly!  Call us now.