About us

Industrial product design

JackNbox Limited was formed in 2008 by Craig Palmer, a mechanical design engineer, capitalising on his extensive experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of custom products. Previously, Craig was the founder of Critical Path Engineering Ltd. a successful product design and development consultancy in West Sussex.

Craig comments, “Having the opportunity to return to the design and manufacture of bespoke custom products for clients has been very exciting for me. In the short time I was away working in the Contract Electrical Industry the tools of my trade and particularly CAD/CAM software has developed to a high level.

When setting up JackNbox I was keen to ensure the best in class of CAD design, industrial product design is my passion and so I have been keen to build a company that has the best possible resources and skills to enable great product design in the UK. As a result we invested significantly in CNC manufacturing software and CNC machinery to achieve a seamless product design and manufacturing environment. The modern software we have acquired has eliminated the requirement for time consuming 2D dimension drawings and hand programming of manufacturing machinery. It is now possible to design custom parts in a few hours and manufacture directly from the 3D CAD data on site.

At JackNbox we typically are designing and manufacturing custom prototype parts in half the time we did at Critical Path Engineering. The other unexpected benefit of this new approach is the reduction of scrap during the manufacture of special purpose machines and custom parts due to human error. This has been reduced almost entirely. Thus when we now quote a delivery date for a custom batch of parts we know we can supply the required quality custom parts on time and to budget!

JackNbox has undertaken some great work and we are proud to be an essential part of our client’s businesses, bring their concepts to life through excellence in mechanical and industrial product design. See our Product Library for examples of our work.

What’s in a name?

JackNbox is a fun name representing our big ‘box’ where we design and manufacture so many different things. You’ll always be surprised at what is happening in this box full of great products, ideas and surprising inventions.

Our specialty is design of enlosures for electronic products.

We design special purpose products and machinery.

UK product design, 3D protyping and custom part manufacture.