UK manufacturing services

JackNbox provides clients with a comprehensive British design, prototyping and manufacturing services. Whether you require a single custom part machine or a complete system manufactured and assembled, JackNbox is well placed to provide these. Our capability is continuing to expand with 3D CAD/CAM VX software and 3 Axis CNC VMC Hass, Hyundai milling machines are also core elements to or our machine manufacturing facilities.

Building a complete working machine is just as simple as a custom part. With 3D design software at the core of our machine manufacturing service enabling the customer to drive their specification to match bespoke requirements. Contact JackNbox for a no obligation survey and quotation of your requirements.

Special purpose horticultural machinery

Design and manufactured exclusively by JackNbox in the UK, our team have developed a range of special purposed machinery specifically for volume growers. The JackNbox seeder is a great example of our approach to providing a solution specifically for the horticultural industry. Whatever your challenge our team can design and manufacture custom machines to improve efficiency and capacity for your production line.

 JackNbox meet clients’ requirements efficiently and to highest standards. Call us now for a quotation.